Month: May 2023



Wisdom comes at the wrong time when youthfulness has shut its door When you start living by yourself you actually start living, Rest was just amateur pleasure Exuberance dawns only with age You realise all your life you were searching for the wrong dreams or just meandering without an aim […]


An Away Day at the Salt Lake Stadium

by Mohul Bhowmick “No, you can’t dangle your flag there.” “Who even let you in here?” “Go back home, preferably with your tail tucked between your legs.” “Move your stuff from the ramparts- you don’t belong here!” You would think that a major crime, and something more heinous or serious […]


Crushed Dreams

I am a North Korean girlLiving from torchers all my life.I hope always that I can escape one dayThis is the story of my life ..                                       When I tried to escape […]



Henry 8th complains about the thunder growling like jaguars, rain doing its best pulsating frog neck impression, lightning looking too fake, Friends episodes, HBO, Harry Potter, Scrubs, Marvel’s comic book films, Batman not looking like an actual bat, romantic comedies not being Shakespearean, every beer not sweet like one of […]