Month: May 2023


Beautiful but Different

I am addicted to my perception And my worldview. But the world does not stop From changing its bedsheets. Those bodies lie asleep In their gravitational slumber. I wake up with dizziness And wash my face with any idea That becomes my outlook. That sleepy face goes and wanders. My […]



खेतों की पगडंडी पर नई नवेली- सतरंगी चूनर, झिलमिल गहने, आलता शोभित पैरों में, सजता पायल, स्थिर कदम। सिर पर लेकर गठरी बड़ी संतुलित, बोझ लेकर चली। चल दुल्हनियाँ चल न उतरेगा यह बोझ कभी। नपे तुले कदम, दृढ़ मन जानती है जीवन का चलन चुनौतियाँ हर मोड़ पर होगी विजय इस पथ पर।                                               ~Shrey Verma Rodricks India


The Peeping Tom

She’s pretty and enchanting So beautiful as a butterfly Modesty is her virtue She is humble and shy                                              Plus adorable and winsome The bashful, lovely lass She has […]


Beyond Borders and Above Nationalism

Resume quest for restoring work-life balance for a meaningful exalted experience Attain minimum benchmarks in fruitful ventures that make a world of difference Provide superb moral education to make people more humane to live a dignified life Inject fighting for impartial justice as an integral part of a survival guide […]


What My Father Said

My father said, his mom walked out One late dusk into the backyard In which was located a dry well, Perhaps they were drawing water from it Once upon a time and no water was to be found As the village grew big. The house remained small and same, So […]


Belief System

The crux of my belief system has saved me from countless falls pouring assurance on my grief stricken soul it has helped me to rise in my own esteem conceding confidence and free rein to my thoughts                             […]


New Day

New flowers on new stalks, Seeds new on branches anew; All through garden walks!                                                  Every day a brand new song, That relieves every great pain; Keeps […]


The Psychics

by Dr. Adyasha Acharya I move my eyes over the garden of iris flowers in the courtyard of the Elite Academy. The sun has set and the sky is veiled with the saffron twilight hue. The Elite Academy is a school for psychics located in the Iris Island in Indian […]



Now, suddenly, death seems more beautiful, For I have had some time with you, In the course of travel Along the path of eternity…                                 The Voyager will never stop, Until it meets an accident […]


A Chant For a User

Drip Drip Please, let me Sip Tip Tip Please, let me Slip Rip Rip Please, let me Trip Flip Flip Please, get a Grip. Pry Pry Please, don’t ask Why Sigh Sigh Please, let me Fly Sly Sly Please, let me Lie Cry Cry Why don’t you Try? ~Caleb Delos-Santos […]