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My Inspiration

In the realm where lives hang in the balance,

Amidst the theater of pulsing hearts,

There stands a figure, resolute and gallant,

A surgeon, adorned in cape and green gown.


A hero in the shadows of the sterile light,

Transcending mortal bounds with skilled hands.

In that sacred place where life and death collide,

He dons his attire, an emblem of command.


Within those walls, he becomes my inspiration,

A role model, a beacon of unwavering grace,

His presence instills a profound admiration,

As I gaze upon him, my future’s mirrored face.


With calm demeanor and composed demeanor,

He navigates chaos, a master of his craft,

Respecting all, his touch gentle and serene,

A surgeon, displaying kindness unsurpassed.


In the tempest of tension, he remains poised,

A soothing voice amidst the surgeon’s symphony.

Engaging with us, sharing knowledge and voice,

Revealing the secrets of this surgical odyssey.


I pondered in awe, during his classroom lectures,

Would he be the same when fate intertwines,

Yet, as he wields the scalpel, saving lives as specters,

He is the epitome of all I aspire to be, in kind.


All my respect to you sir you are the embodiment of devotion,

A god-like presence in the realm of medicine’s art,

You’ve shown me a world of beauty in motion,

And reaffirmed the wonder in a beating heart.


So, to you, in whom I saw the noble surgeon, I offer my gratitude,

For igniting within me a passion so profound,

You’ve revealed the beauty in this noble pursuit,

And made me believe medicine is truly profound


~Ruthu Kori


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