Letting Go of Illusions

I once held onto love with fervor and zeal
Blinded by passion, I thought it was real
But time revealed the cracks in our foundation
And I realized, we were just living in illusion.
I tried to mend what was broken and frayed
But the more I tried, the more it decayed
The love that once burned so brightly
Now lay dying, wilted and unsightly.
I knew it was time to let it go
To free myself from this unyielding woe
To walk away with dignity and poise
And find a love that would bring me joy.
So now I move forward with a heart that’s wise
Knowing that love is not built on just a prize
It takes patience, compromise, and sacrifice
And a deep understanding, without disguise.
I may have stumbled along the way
But each step taught me something new each day
And now I stand with a strength that endures
Ready to find love that’s mature and pure.
~Tanay Shahi

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