Incapable of Feuding

A few confused cries
and a good deal of tumult
makes my chin sway between shoulders
like a main sail in stormy weather
Hastening steps into a half jog
I skip a few heartbeats
not out of will but ipso facto
chest heaving under the clothing
acts imbecile…incapable of feuding
for I have walked many a mile
cease to be in prime
I sulk at the sight of
veritable parade of material possession
those I vied for during my salad days
but no more they remain my minion
perhaps I am overly ripe
beset with both ….
sturdy and slender memories
these shall not leave me alone
It seems….
till I settle down with ease
When everyday life impinges
on my frail limbs
irritation mounds and hovers
like vultures watching preys aging
my longing to find the same old things
gathers momentum
in spite of elopment of time
I feel like roaring, screaming
a series of invectives back
use a string of swear words
to showcase despair
but suppress desire
as I draw this subtle hunch…
I may be shown the door
to rub my own gravestone.
~Sujata Dash

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