Decoding Dangerous Drug Dependency

Living modern life is a complicated art involving a coarse comedy and an inevitable tragedy

Life is more comfortable when we look at the bright side of things like an optimist practically

The present drug news opens our eyes to search and see how to sail our ship in troubled waters

Fighting for a clearer life, set favorable conditions to cross a difficult road with blurry borders


Drug addiction leads to dissatisfaction, frustration, and ultimate destruction in normal life

Various nodes of the narcotic network take away the society and family life from legal wife

Remember that addicts cannot do without drugs when consumption crosses a certain level

Sensitize the public since bad habits remain intact and drug addiction makes life nasty hell


High-profile people mix with drug dealers to procure and consume narcotics in series

A section of society contributes to an increase in drug addiction cases in major cities

Recall the nexus between party organizers, drug peddlers, politicians, and celebrities

Entrapped by the easy availability of synthetic drugs on demand-supply peculiarities


Drug menace has a lot to do with money and fame brings many consumers together

Rising incidents of substance abuse indicate disturbance and disconnection weather

Clear all hurdles in the way of targeting the entire supply chain involving stakeholders

Leave no stone unturned to catch the accused while ensuring the conviction shoulders


Thoughtful consideration and creative awareness to get rid of this social evil stressful

Political will and public support to make the prohibition more effective and successful

Discourage illegal narcotics trade and operations by breaking the chain of linkages

Fight drug abuse with all moral, legal, and institutional means at all network images


Successfully encounter vested interests in the illicit drug trade in the dark shops

Discourage the contraband drug production, purchase, and transit of illicit crops

Sensibly rethink life with satisfaction as a matter of perspective to reach the target

Actively engage, and dance as part of our no-return to the harmful drug market


Lead the younger generation in the right direction to create a modern drug-free state

Narrow the gap between public perception and the ground reality to an ideal checkmate

Live life thoroughly and intensely in the present with happiness, joy, and contentment

Drive the superior choice by the lessons learned from the dangers of drug attachment


~B.H.S. Thimmappa


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