Commitments of Lives

I say I’ll brush 5 mins tomorrowAnd next day I will just forget it all.I say I’ll eat nothing junk then,Will have some fries at the mall.

I say I’ll study all timeNext moment I’ll be on phone.I say  I’ll not play much timeA blink of eyes, and I’ll be gone.

I say I’ll watch no T. V. all timeThen remote control in my hands.I say I won’t waste time at all,Saying I’ll go to troll with friends.

I say I’ll be punctual from now,Then friends will call that I am late.I say I’ll eat all fruits and vegs.,Then all green will be left on plate.

I say I’ll not spend a lotNext moment my order will be at door.I say I’ll not mess things up,Next moment oil will spread on floor.

I say I’ll not tell a lieThen will get caught with unsigned test.I say I’ll not fight at allThen my legs will be kissing one’s chest.

I say I’ll bath me up dailyThen will be shivering not bath.I say I’ll not misbehave,Later I’ll be peeing on the path.

The speaker is my dearest friend.I am at all ideal to all.“Go and bath son, you haven’t doneit for four days” Comes  my mother’s call

~Suman Misha


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