An Unheard Mystery

by Riya Bansal

A bright sunny day in Tokyo. Tokyo is the capital city of one of the most developed countries, Japan. Tokyo is home to one of the world’s largest nuclear power plant maintained by NSAT (National science agency Tokyo). The day started on a normal note with officials of NSAT checking the usual satellite and weather updates. Everything was going as usual; suddenly a scientist noticed something different and unusual on his computer screen. The water level of the sea whose shore was located near the nuclear plant rose to abnormal levels and within seconds it was at its normal level. He was shocked by the finding and immediately informed his colleagues. The officials checked for any earthquakes and subsequent Tsunami, but to their surprise, nothing of this sort happened. Research and the subsequent findings also didn’t justify this event.

After a few days, they again noticed something different, and this time in the forests near Tokyo. A loud blast sound occurred in the forests which was also audible in faraway parts of the city. Assuming something was wrong the officials and scientists decided to go into the forests and physically check themselves the reason for the blasts.  Again they were disappointed as they didn’t get any solid proof or reason for the loud blast. Soon the news of these two incidents spread in the city. NSAT officials were approached by a resident of the city who told them that last month he saw a bright light emitting from the sky and it disappeared far away in an abandoned area. The officials formed a team of scientists to search that area and go to the bottom of the truth. During their search, they found very big and huge machine parts in the area. On examination of parts, the team was surprised as these parts were not used in any kind of machine available on Earth. In fact, the technology to make such complex machinery was still not invented.

During the cleaning of the machine parts, a name tag was found written on a machine “PLANET- Evay 05”. The finding left the team and the whole world surprised and dumbstruck as no such planet was identified to date. The whole world went into the research for the same. After lots of effort, the scientific community reached the conclusion that some Aliens have landed on Earth. For further research and to prove their conclusions a team of the best scientists, astronomers, and researchers was formed from all over the world. The research operation started in the area where machine parts were found. After a few days of rigorous research, they captured an image of a different-looking living being also known as an alien. Special cameras confirmed that the captured image was of an alien. The world was surprised by this finding as till now the aliens were heard only in stories and no one has seen the real alien.  Special hidden cameras were installed in the area as well as in the nearby areas to study the movement and the life pattern of the aliens. The study went for weeks and a few months and it was noticed that an alien came near the sea at exactly 2:27 AM. The research team decided to capture the alien. A trap in the form of a net was laid on the ground and cables were placed in space to capture the alien. When the alien landed on the Earth the trap was immediately activated and the alien was captured. He was brought to a special laboratory to further know about the aliens.

When the other aliens came to know that one of the aliens was being captured, they became very furious. They started doing blasts in the sea as well as in the inhabited areas. The officials on seeing this destruction were forced not to harm the alien. Now they thought that the aliens would not further cause any damage. Unfortunately, a few days later it was reported that a child named Jeffy Hales went missing. The child was an orphan and he used to live nearby the area where aliens used to come. People thought that the 8-year-old boy was kidnapped by the aliens. It was decided that if the young boy didn’t return in a day then the officials would release the captured alien. The next morning everyone was in surprise to note that the world’s largest nuclear power plant in Tokyo was not at its place. The aliens destroyed the huge power plant using complex machinery and technology. The land on which the nuclear power plant was built remained a barren land. The scientific community released the captured alien immediately to prevent any further destruction. The young boy was also released by the aliens. Two days later the aliens also left the Earth and went far away into space. The child was inquired by the officials but to their disappointment he was not able to share anything considerable except the fact that the aliens kept him in the dark, the officials, later on, decided to leave the kid back in his hometown. This incident became one of the most mysterious incidents in the history of mankind. 15 years later it was proved by researchers that one of the turbines of the destroyed nuclear power plant was releasing a harmful gas in very small amounts. If the power plant was not destroyed then the harmful gas would have kept releasing and after a decade or two it would have spread throughout the country and the continent.

The harmful effects of the gas might have led to catastrophe in the form of multiple deaths and injuries to human beings. Knowing this the people began to thank the aliens for saving their lives. Some researchers found this a little bit mysterious. They decided to give the world the justification of the whole thing. Suddenly they remembered the kid who was kidnapped by the aliens. They were sure that the kid (now an adult) could lead them to a strong conclusion of the whole thing. They inquired about him in the area where he used to live 15 years ago but to their shock people denied the fact that a kid named Jeffy Hales ever lived here. All the scientists and the researchers were thinking that he might have shifted to some place so they circulated his name and his sketch in the whole country but no one identified him. This left the scientist in a bit of a shock but still, they continued searching for him. They checked all travel records, death records, and each and every official document but surprisingly everyone there was no record of a person named Jeffy Hales. Slowly the news spread all across the globe but no one knew about him, not even a single human resembled the sketch they had of him. After a year of research of Jeffy Hales the research team found no such person alive or dead. The research team concluded that he was not from this generation; he came from the future to save Earth, which he did with the help of aliens by destroying the power plant. This remained the most mysterious event in the history of the world.

About the Author: 

Riya Bansal is a student in Class XI, she loves to pen down her thoughts about life in the form of poems and articles. She aspires to build a career in the field of management.


  1. A wonderful story by a School student. Use of vocabulary is great . Keep it up Riya Bansal

  2. Great work dear Riya
    So proud of you
    Keep shinning
    Luv u 🥰🥰

  3. This is literally amazing!!! 💟keep writing. Will be waiting for more articles like this

  4. Mayumi Yamamoto

    Being a Japanese national suffered from the nuclear blast in 2011 after huge earthquake, I’m deeply impressed by your story and imagination. Thank you.