An Empty Vessel

Ah! An Empty Vessel!
Once a bearer of life’s miracle
The creator; The secret of secrets; The mystery;
The inexplorable  bag of life;
Destiny’s  hand plundered,
A loss so intense, a void left behind,
A part of womanhood forever sealed.
Ah! An Empty Vessel, where posterity bloomed,
Now echoes emptiness,
reverberating murmurs of motherhood’s sweet refrain.
The monthly clock, now  need not tick;
Hormones now, ebbed and waned forever.
The wounds raw run deep,
A pain that never seems to sleep.
A weight on heart, a burden to bear,
An orchestra of possibilities, dreams intertwined,
Now silenced, left echoes in mind.
Their laughter at times a venomous sting;
In the midst of jest and jeer  a flame burns bright,
Transformed by the fire, from passion that lies deep.
Though scars may linger, both seen and unseen,
They whisper tales that are yet to unfold;
The strength remains steadfast, with spirit serene,
For womanhood transcends the confines of flesh,
In memories and stories, a legacy abounds;
Embracing the essence of life, defying limits afresh.
~Beena. E. S
Kanyakumari, India


  1. Deep!

  2. Awesome poem