An Angel in the Forest

A beautiful girl with an angelic heart

Alights amidst the dark and dense

Beauties of Amazon forest.


Her fair face brimming with joy

Luminates like a full moon

Amidst the snowy clouds

In her silver lehenga choli.


When she softly walks and jumps

Playing with the leaves and trees

Of the forest

And the water of the longest river,

Smile shines from her red lips

And happiness radiates from her eyes.


Her heart lightens.

She keeps flying like a white feather

In the dark greenery of the forest

And sings a song

About the beauties of the river and the forest.


While the song soothes and silences

The wild and dangerous animals

By mesmerizing them,

The wind, the forest, and the river

Turn out a divine painting

 Painted with living musical notes.


The chief of the nearby tribe standing there

Manifests his gratitude to the forest and the river

Through his joyful tears from his calm eyes

For making him worthy to witness this miracle,

And prays her to preside over his tribe and culture

And bless prosperity and protection to his clan.


~Jagannath Biswal


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