A New Day Has Come

Another day brings with it the joys of life
All the beautiful moments that are yet to arrive
Look at the horizon a new day has come
That’s plenty for wise and short for some
For some it’s void for some it’s pleasure
All the values it brings can never be measured
Appreciate this day the eternal art of nature
Love and get loved by all these lovely creatures
This day forget the past and work for your future
All the potential inside you is yet to nurture
If you don’t take action it will go in vain
Don’t blame the distractions and get drained
Embrace the adversity and acknowledge the pain
Just like a harvest which is incomplete without rain
This world is full of ingenious insane
So work on yourself and sharpen your brain
Remember this day will not come again
He who utilises it will prosper by its gain
I assure your hard work will repay you back
Just improve your qualities that you lack
This day is the only asset that you have now
Work hard today or the regret will darg you down
 But I know one thing that is stuck in my mind
Show your hunger and success is not that hard to find
Create new memories and leave your past behind
Give love to everyone and always be kind
Being consistent and cheerful will be only suffice
Cause another day will come that will bring with it the joys of life..
~Sachin Negi

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