Victory of Good Over Evil

In a world beset by darkness and strife,
Where evil held sway and threatened life,
There came a glimmer of hope and light,
A force that would vanquish the darkest night.
The battle raged on, fierce and grim,
The forces of evil fought to win,
But the warriors of good stood strong,
Determined to right the world’s wrongs.
Their swords clashed with a deafening sound,
As they battled on the blood-soaked ground,
But with each strike, the evil waned,
And the good prevailed, their victory gained.
The skies cleared, the sun shone bright,
As the darkness retreated, no longer in sight,
The people rejoiced, their spirits lifted high,
For the victory of good over evil had nigh.
And so the world was saved, once again,
By the triumph of good, over all its pain,
And though the battle may never truly end,
The victory of good over evil, forever will defend.
~Sidhartha Mishra
Sambalpur, India

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  1. Shubhangi Kotwal

    Yes very true , nice Poem Sidhartha Mishra .