Month: April 2023



Pain that never felt by anyone If you are in grief. Life is not a bundle of crackers That gives only an unpleasant sound. Life is a flute That gives a melodious sound. If someone brakes your flute. If someone hatred you. Listen my dear! No problem – Your listeners […]


Expansion of BRICS: Suicidal?

by Siddharth Khatri Recently, there has been a flurry of countries seeking membership of the group of five fast-growing economies of the world- Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa- collectively called the BRICS. The grouping, conceptualised and formed at the sidelines of the 61st session of the General Assembly in […]



Permission?  But why? Why should I seek your permission I am an independent being I use my own discretion                                    Do not try to pull me down Just because I am a lass You may […]


सुखद अंतराल

नाउम्मीदी  के  चक्रव्यूह  में    अपनों  की हठात  हठ  से   बंद  होते  प्रीत  के  पट   का  साक्षी  , प्रतिपक्षी  यह  संघर्षी    उम्मीद  की  मशाल   से  रोशन   बुझती  किरणों  के  अंश  समेटता   घेरे  बैठे  ,चौकड़ी  जमाये,    ये  स्याह-श्याम  मेघों  के  झुरमुट  में   कलूटे काक ईर्षाग्रस्त ,यह […]


The Flower of Beauty

There is just something about a forest which awakens my souls A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed, looks at God all the day I am a fool who can made a poem but only God can make a tree A tree which may in summer wear a nest of […]


Easter Egg

Eggs break uneven, Shells look like teeth of saws; Breakfast is eaten!                              Broken Easter eggs, Symbols of resurrection: Jigsaw teeth with wings!                              […]



Lying down all day. I think of you. A weary flesh. A sad bone. Eyes closed in the dark mouth of the room. The sound of rain falls tender to the ear. And when I thought of getting up— the bed urged me to lie down again as if it […]


Seasons Bypass Norms

A gust from nowhere has splattered leaves branches wear barren look tucking sad stories Is the summer more torrid and unbearable this year? or, has the extended winter has its imprints on the floor?                                 […]



When words are left out in darkness, They simply become silent. Search for meaning continues, In the meaningless crisis of existence… The images lose substance, Effervescence personifies sublimating trust. The voice within seeks redressal, Trying to ventilate itself, Talking nonsense like a child, Meaningful nonsense making sense In the realm […]


Life Is Too Short

Life is too short to fight Try to love and delight.                                   Live your dreams Let go of your screw, and shine up bright like a, star in the sky.         […]