Month: April 2023


The Power of High School Students from Global Thrombosis Forum

by Anish Joshi, Arushi Garud, Divya Honavar, Maya Sompalli, and Shivam Gupta, the GTF Group, Suwanee, GA, USA  1. Introduction The AntiCoagulation Forum (ACF,, one of the very respected organizations, had arranged an international conference in which many medical professionals, scientists, and researchers came, and discussed modern ideas for […]


कलमकार एक मेहनत का नाम है

लिखता रहा रुका नहीं कभी मैं बुरे वक़्त में भी! थी नहीं नौकरी मेरे पास तब सोच लिया था हर दिन सिर्फ लिखने का काम है! लिखता रहा मैं हर वक़्त जब मिला मौका रुका नहीं कभी! कलमकार एक मेहनत का नाम है! अन्थोलॉजी करता रहा हर दिन ताकि नए […]


Joy Is Free

Starlight nights filled with blue and purple skies Forests filled with green conifer trees As leaves float across azure lakes and rivers With another season comes Earth’s newest desktop theme One that we can feel and breathe Because dancing in the wildflowers Fishing in icy lakes Watching the sun come […]


Drinking the Raindrops

One night amidst the lush of deepest green I found a leaf dropped from the tree so serene. The splash of rain, the crash of thunder, I found a world, a domain of pure wonder!                               […]



I don’t bow or kneel, I don’t visit places you are worshipped, I know no rituals, Only birth, union, and death; Origin, continuity, and end.                                                   […]



I sit on the mantelLike a central frameEvery inch of mePut on display                              I am surroundedBy the judging crowdAs my flaws are laid bareExposed to scrutiny’s cold stare                    […]


Shiva the Saviour!

Dear Lord Shiva It is said that Your third eye Has the power To destroy the universe, To end the suffering and curse. What are you waiting for Yet another war or rape? Courageous fiercely conqueror, You are the ultimate power bearer. Outrageous glorified saviour, You are the demon slayer. […]