Month: April 2023


Enduring Influence

Grandparents, the pillars of our family tree, Offering love, wisdom, and history, From their tales of the past, To the lessons, they teach that last.                                                   […]


Rivers of Love!

Some hearts are scared To love too much But in reality Regret comes When you don’t love that much. But things I love are Sunsets, Stars, Mornings, Words, Hugs, And you. I wish you can love Like You have never been hurt before. You make tomorrow better Knowing that we […]


The Deadly Consequence of Nonsensical Chats

by Tarun Bandarupalle Ram and Shyam, two buddies, make a tendency of taking a lengthy nighttime walk so they may spend valuable time together. Ram will think up absurd or nonsensical subjects to engage Shyam in a lengthy discourse. Even while Shyam participates actively and responds during the talk, he […]


The Crow

The blackbird you are, caws at the wee hours of morn, sleep waves goodbye, wakes up the city – rejoices anew!                                Yet you are the harbinger of death, your arrival – an ominous signature to […]



The tree is humongous the sprawling branches house birds and their nonstop twitters the gleaming aura of the sun lets its heart burst with joy revel with jubilation                                             […]


I Am Your Lifeline…

You can’t remove our memories. Similarly, a body can’t remove its shadow…. You may go anywhere, I will keep going with you, like moonlight embraces the moon, as it is necessary to enhance the beauty of the moon……. You think I don’t need me anymore, But how can you separate […]


वीर सपूत विक्रम बत्रा

कोटी कोटी नमन तुम्हें कोटी कोटी आभार  देश के लिए मर-मिटने पर  मिलता है वीरता पुरस्कार                                 वीरता पुरस्कार के होते है छह प्रकार  उस में से परम वीर चक्र का है प्रथम स्थान  परम […]


Cottage I Abandoned

My fingers turn wrinkly by the end of dusk drowning in the sink of everything I could have done and could have been but every step I took since I was eleven and womanhood hit me led me here.                       […]


From Uncle Mohul

To Katisha Chakraborty, five years from now You do not remember when you climbed onto my backNor when Murphy whined, asking for the same;You do not recollect waking from bed, trying to attackThe brownies with renewed vigour. The gameWe wanted to play could wait, as couldThe unwarranted attention you had to […]