The tree is humongous
the sprawling branches house
birds and their nonstop twitters
the gleaming aura of the sun
lets its heart burst with joy
revel with jubilation
The trunk is mammoth in circumference
has grown with experience and age
like the wisdom of a sage
many creepers find it safe to hold on
throwing tendrils forward
they swiftly climb and march on
with less gripe and more resignation
A few raucous crows
engage in shrill chatters
stewing on day today chores
their voice is filled with cold fury
rises to a falsetto in no time
squirrels go up and climb down
in their effortless pace
happily munch on food particles
slouching past muddles and noise
they are contented in their ways
they never had much
but always had enough to satiate hunger
A series of anthills below
grow by leaps and bounds each year
are they home to only ants
or some reptiles too occupy the space
God only knows!
poking nose in all matters
is not considered sensible
so let us dissipate and dissociate
A rusted post box, a few furlongs away
remains a mute spectator
to the happenings all through the day
once bustling with regular visits
laments loneliness and forlorn stature
craves for the heydays
the role as a messenger
It peddled fervent hopes
be it of happiness or of sorrow
now curses old age and rusty demeanor
It has a word of caution
for the fugitive tree
“like me…someday you too shall have
 to face condemnation
 when your brighter phase leans
 people forget all good doing
 keep harping on shortcomings”
 faking a smile the tree says-
 “I am happy for today
 let me live and cherish the moment
 tomorrow is a myth
 a distant dream for me
 I shall deal with it
 with grit and equanimity.”
~Sujata Dash
Bhubaneshwar, India

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