Lights. Camera. Action

Lights . Camera . Action…..
We all have heard this three words
  at the beginning of the film shoot,
But these three words are actually
     relating to our life.
Lights are like our character,
      deeds, ideas, and thoughts,
which set an example, inspire and
  motivate others to move forward.
People are the camera who always
  watch us, criticize us, and  basis of
             that gives verdict.
Somehow or the other they don’t
   see our innerself but only see our
Works are the action that speaks
     louder than words,
and shut the mouth of those  persons who always give
 judgement and shows false
Lights. Camera. Action……
These three words are actually
    the words,
On which our life is dealing,
Without this our life is nothing.
 ~Srimoyee Neogi
Kolkata, India

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