Hungry Beggars

To wish is to crave
And quench the heart’s desire
Which stands unfulfilled
Even after fullest satiety
The bellies are filled
To the brim
Yet the unfathomed hunger hovers
The well of desires clammers
And cries to collect much more
Of Mammon’s treasure.
What a queer creature is the clan of man !
Ever covetous for money and material
Never at peace with what he has
Always pining for what is not
Competing contemptuously with
Colleagues, friends and kins
Uneducated with the bitter truth :
“Wealth is the worst enemy here on Earth”.
Yet ever trying to monopolise it wholesale
Otherwise a King, stoops to be a slave
And raises a contingent of
Enemies for himself and his
There in Heaven’s Eden
God must be repenting sure
For evolving his wisest creation
“The Crown of living beings”
Who proving to be the hungry beggars,
Rich and poor all alike
Waiting restlessly in unending queue
For their hopeless turn.
~Dr. Kailash Nath Khandelwal
Gayatri Tapobhumi, Mathura UP

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