From Uncle Mohul

To Katisha Chakraborty, five years from now

You do not remember when you climbed onto my backNor when Murphy whined, asking for the same;You do not recollect waking from bed, trying to attackThe brownies with renewed vigour. The gameWe wanted to play could wait, as couldThe unwarranted attention you had to give to a drawing.We stayed in that rainy afternoon; you’dLet Murphy smell us before letting us in, withdrawingInto the exotic playpen with tiny paintings of pigsOn the side. How tall you’ve grown now,Standing up to my shoulders, cracking the twigsOf the Pipal- possessing all the know-how.Riona, you make me wonder about the dayWhen we’d watched Oswald together on TV;You were smitten by the flattering wayIn which he spoke to you. The unrestrained gleeGave me a sight of yours I had not seen,Welcoming me to places I had not been.

~Mohul Bhowmick


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  1. Ohhhh Mehul….its Beautiful….!!!