I don’t bow or kneel,

I don’t visit places you are worshipped,

I know no rituals,

Only birth, union, and death;

Origin, continuity, and end.


I love my palate, sugar, and salt,

Cherish my smoke, liquid, and punch,

Never coiled with fast, hunger, and thirst

To soothe your anger.

I know no priest, prophet, preacher, no teacher

To understand your mind and design.

No fear of toil and struggle,

I muster the courage to get up if I fall.


No desire for heaven or hell,

Rebirth or no birth,

Although I enjoy the stories and tales,

Weaved by my ancestors’ thoughts.

The scientists say

Expands the universe day after day;

And all will be gone someday.


I learnt,

You made me thus

Left me to fight and survive

With a bold mind and a plain heart.

In the moments I live,

With you and me, unseen

A faith stitched within.


~Arun Kumar Sahu



  1. Ananta Mallick

    Nice poem brother 🙏

  2. Creative and natural Instinct to express the never expressed in silence in loneliness in the self within one’s heart. Very expressive expression in a poetic form. Really I found interesting touchy something inclusively excluded expression. Truly enjoed the writ up.

  3. Beautiful and very powerful message Arun Bhai. I loved reading multiple times and shared with my circle