Drinking the Raindrops

One night amidst the lush of deepest green
I found a leaf dropped from the tree so serene.
The splash of rain, the crash of thunder,
I found a world, a domain of pure wonder!
Have you ever walked through a bizarre rainy forest?
And felt it’s breath among the breeze when coolest?
Isn’t it so mystic, darkened yet so very cold?
Everything that’s hidden remains there, untold!
The air will leave a pinch of salty whisper,
The soil would coil as a creamy texture.
Look up to the tilted trees of coconuts once,
Unshaken at their roots, into the storm of nuance.
My utmost love for those birds in their nest,
Drinking the raindrops to survive at its best.
The aroma of rain into the grassland if you see,
Don’t forget to inhale it, I bet you would envy!
    ~Rimjhim Maity
Kolkata, India

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