Why You Left Me

You left me for no reason.
Spoiled my plans for all seasons.
Day and night I miss you,
Hoping you miss me for any reason.
When you’re with me,
My life is complete.
I’m nothing without you;
Why did you leave me hope in future we meet.
I miss you a lot,
No one ever will take your spot.
You made me whole,
Yet, why you don’t want me to talk.
Has someone filled your ears?
They don’t want to see us together!
What they think about us—
Let’s just forgive me and be my life forever.
You left me at a crossroad.
You broke my heart!
Why don’t you understand
That you are my love is amazing art.
I will be stronger now,
I will rise up from the pain.
I will focus on career & succeed.
Don’t you come back to me again.

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