The whole day,
I amused with full of ecstasy.
And not only alone,
But another friend
Who is nothing,
But like a ‘ Saryu River.’
That never give harm
But provide enormous pleasure.
Saryu! You are my friend.
But not my soulmate,
Yes, you are, too, my soulmate.
But not my friend –
And sometimes both –
Saryu! You flow as a playful feeling.
But not, always, as my friend’s kindness.
Saryu! You flow in me externally.
But my friend flows in me internally.
O playful Saryu!
Let me dive, once,
In amid of your merciful wave.
And give me blessings
To remain friendly with my friend.
 ~Nikhil Verma 
 Ayodhya, India

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