To Ajas

A strong voice that comforts me

A rock that stands besides me

Possessing the remnants of my mother

Coupled with a warmth of a father

Much matured than I


Shared memories of childhood

Years spent together in the thickest bonds of affection

Your face reminds me of my own

The tone of your voice reverberates mine


Your pride in my achievements amaze me

The river of care that overflows from your heart

Nurtures my thorny paths


As a long winding road waits in front of me

While I take my steps with a bit of uncertainty

I know it’s the confidence of your presence that propels me ahead


 With a grateful heart and a glint of pride

 I say

A sibling is a divine blessing and you are truly the one

You have made me experience the love of my unborn son


   ~ Safrine.N

     Tamil Nadu, India

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  1. Very nice 😄😄