There Are Some Days I Want to Tell Her – Rush Into Love

My dear daughter,


Our days are short and few, and heartache is

simply a price we all pay for unapologetically

handing ourselves over to another for play.


Love’s permanent signature will always be gamble.

It really is for us to read the fine print that often goes

unnoticed, till it screams itself into being seen.


Love has always been there to caution us as we let

ourselves fall without a safety net.

We simply have to learn to glance further than we feel.


Every script of love waits till the intoxication wears off.

Till you are ready to stare at it all sober and rational,

prepared to decipher its contents.


Love will wait, till you’ve learnt to swallow your words and

hide yourself in plain sight from the object of your affection.

Till you’re no longer flirtatious with amor.


It will all be there when you’re ready to look

past the frenzy and feel past your exuberance.

And I’ll be there by your side when you do. 


~Shikha Lamba



  1. Read it again and again. Heart warming. Love, the most complicated yet most beautiful state of being.

  2. Beautiful.. into the midst of feelings n love…

  3. Wistful, beautiful, true. Thank you Shikha for your words of love.