The Exploratory Journey towards Universal Universe

by B.H.S. Thimmappa

Utopian Vision, Dystopian Reality

Ambiguity, complexity, uncertainty, and volatility characterize life today in this world. Science is a way of thinking and space exploration, including interstellar space may provide evidence of design in the universe and the existence of life elsewhere in the universe. The size of the whole universe is unknown and the observable universe is as a ball-shaped diameter of about 93 billion light-years. But there is a natural and social order in the disordered material world. The order represents the presence of some symmetry or correlation in many-particle systems. There is order in the universe with the deep interconnectedness of all things via intricate and subtle bonds. The ordered systems at low temperatures undergo transitions to disordered states upon heating. For instance, loss of crystalline order in the solid-liquid transition of melting of ice and a loss of magnetic order in the ferromagnetic to paramagnetic transition in the demagnetization of iron by heating above Curie temperature. Advancements in science and technology have pushed increasing systematization in individual lives and society which also creates disorder in the system with negative consequences in relationships, society, and the environment. The universal language of emotion as reflected in facial expressions – anger, disgust, fear, happiness, neutrality, sadness, and surprise is culturally dependent and various neuropsychiatric conditions reflect disordered conditions. Alcohol use disorder, gaming/social media addictions, and depression are examples of psychological disorders because of changes in mental equilibrium. Binge eating disorder (BED), attention deficit disorder (ADD), bipolar disorder, sensory processing disorder (SPD), social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are other examples of mental disorders. In modern times, this could happen because of the personal productivity trap of work, misalignment of individual values with work, and personal hardships in life.

The individual order involves obedience, trust, connection, unity, agreement, and submission while disorder (chaos) includes fear, anxiety, conflict, rebellion, division, and confusion. Living in harmony with universal laws such as the law of cause and effect, the law of vibration/rhythm, the law of energy/relativity, the law of attraction/correspondence, and the law of polarity/gender makes things smooth. Social/public order is a stable situation involving various components to work for the prosperity of the nation and is maintained by the government and the law of the land. Further, there is a need to have a solid, reliable, and rules-based international order and active cooperation of nations on key global issues like tackling climate change, peaceful conflict resolution, transforming economies, social justice,  green energy transition, changes in production technologies, food, and energy security, and fostering sustainable development. The global discussion of contemporary headlines on conflicts indicates the choice between war/anarchy and peace/co-existence. Diplomatic and civil initiatives, eliminating nuclear weapons, the phased elimination of weapons of mass destruction, prohibition on application of artificial intelligence, genetic and biological technologies to warfare, and reduction in arms spending will go a long way in having a world without war. It is essential to follow discipline, orderliness, and decorum in multiple countries to find geopolitical solutions, and develop multilateral relations to ensure long-term sustainability and better ecological balance. It is high time our people in different countries come out of their narrow social circles, connect with the larger world outside, and maintain public order and tranquility despite significant cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and religious diversity.

Cosmos in Chaos

Entropy is a measure of the disorder of a system or energy unavailable to do useful work. The higher the entropy of a system, the greater the disorder (e.g. increasing disorder from solid to liquid to gas). According to thermodynamics, the entropy of the universe tends to a maximum and any spontaneous process increases the disorder of the universe. Disorder-to- order transformation involves intelligence and energy and energy must be used to produce a highly ordered state. In materials, long-range and short-range positional and orientational order-disorder of particles, and order-disorder of electronic and nuclear spin are well known. The short-range and long-range order varies in different types of materials such as glasses and amorphous materials, amorphous materials with a medium-range order, quasicrystals, nanocrystals, solid electrolytes, clay minerals, mesocrystals, crystalline materials with structural defects, and highly crystalline materials. The existence of spontaneous order in the universe is reflected in ordered structures from cells to ecosystems and planets, stars, celestial objects, and galaxies bound together by gravity. When we become ethically and ecologically responsible global citizens, there is a natural alignment of individual order with the universal order. This article will take a look at the three emerging order concepts-the metaverse, multiverse, and Omniverse in virtual and real contexts.

A better understanding of the atomic universe and outer universe that cumulatively compound to have a dramatic effect after each passing year broadens our thinking horizon. Each individual is a part of the growth story beyond borders and the appealing internationalism narrative. If this broad perspective is adopted to change the mindset, region/religion-based issues, political problems, unnecessary frictions, and sub-continental challenges, – all dissolve. The broad-mindedness of our people and understanding of other individuals as fellow human beings would be a deterrent to different types of conflicts. Inspiring and noble influence at the family level, local level, national level, and in the world at large would lead to multiple sustainable development initiatives across the physical world. As a responsible member of the global community, each individual on different rungs of the life ladder should contribute to the development process of the material (law and order) and spiritual world (divine and perfect order). It is perfectly in order that you set your house in perfect order before you criticize the outside world. A group of multiple universes can be called a multiverse. Earlier, it was known that the solar system is the only system, but the recent discovery of other planetary systems leads to the possibility of a multiverse consisting of all matter, energy, space, and time. A theory of everything (ToE) is a hypothetical theoretical framework of physics that links together and explains all aspects of the universe/multiverse. Your mind is universal in its eternity, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration, and connect with the universe in unlocking the secrets of the multiverse!

The universal design approach honors human diversity (accessible, inclusive, usable), and universal learning design strives to meet the needs of the broadest range of students (curriculum, instruction, assessment). There are several universal constants in science such as the gravitational constant (G), the Avogadro constant (NA), the Gas constant (R), the Boltzmann constant (k), and the speed of light (c) that are used in solving many numerical problems. Music is the universal language of human beings. English has become a universal language of the world. A universal approach to scientific problem-solving through a series of well-defined steps is the heart of the scientific method. A universal approach to ethics is equally important to have a new social world order. Universal approaches to promoting healthy development with the preservation of the environmental ecosystem are the need of the hour. International peace and universal brotherhood are more essential than ever before. We have to move toward a universal welfare system, leaving no one behind where universal basic income (UBI) is guaranteed. Universal human values and professional ethics need to be incorporated into the education system in all the countries in the world. The higher psychological sophistication and universal civil code are expected to contribute to bringing a new world order where global peace, prosperity, and stability are achieved through novel ways of collaborative smart working within the people-process-technology framework. Universal children’s day (November 20), universal health coverage day (December 12), and universal access to information (September 28) are some examples of days celebrated/observed all over the world. At the individual level, the 3 C’s of life choices, chances, and changes need to be followed in that order to achieve anything. Lifestyle for the environment (LiFE) is essential in the direction of sustainable universal development. At the collective level, foreign relations, global economic issues, international war, innovation, and development have to be tackled while being a participant in the change to create love, peace, joy, and abundance.

 Multiverse-the Next-gen Intellectual Growth Engine

The metaverse is a next-generation 3D virtual-reality space where humans experience life and where they can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users in ways they could not in the natural world. It is the concept of a shared, virtual/digital space where people can interact with each other and with digital representations of themselves. The key technologies include extended reality (virtual/augmented), user interactivity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, computing vision, the internet of things, robotics, edge, and cloud computing, and future mobile networks that are relevant to the metaverse. The metaverse technology is useful in the gaming industry, travel and tourism, education, remote working, real estate, social media, and virtual event opportunities. Each universe is merely a small part of a larger multiverse.  A collection of multiple universes is the multiverse. It is similar to an individual’s activity on a gaming platform in one universe while that on social media in another. The Omniverse is the sum of all real and imagined universes that is the infinite ultimate reality. The metaverse and multiverse contain a finite number of things. Each of these universes offers a plethora of possibilities for exploration and discovery, and computer companies consider it as an experimental investment with massive potential. Learning the science of the universe and multiverse, including their interconnectedness and further research in the area are crucial elements in the modern era.

There are many theories about the origin, and evolution of life, the origin, and the evolution of human beings on Earth. The primordial soup theory explains the origin of life via the transformation of hydrocarbons to biomolecules (theory of organic evolution)- inorganic chemicals-organic compounds-polymer generations-RNA-like substance formation (prebiotic broth)-life origin. Other origins of life theories include endosymbiotic theory, the theory of catastrophism, spontaneous generation, chemical theory, spore theory, self-assembly theory, the theory of special creation, the theory of biogenesis/abiogenesis, and creationism (religious). Further, the evolution of life on earth may proceed through the concept of systems/soft matter/pre-biotic/evolutionary chemistry, astrobiology (extraterrestrial life), and artificial life. From Darwin’s theory of evolution to the modern synthetic theory of evolution, science has evolved. Important factors of the modern theory of evolution include genetic recombination, mutation, genetic drift and gene flow, natural selection, and isolation. The integral model involves the changes in DNA, changes in regulation, dynamic genome, endosymbiosis, hybridization, random mutations, vertical/horizontal inheritance, and natural/artificial/sexual/drift selection. The theory of social evolution involves a government-regulative system, an industry-sustaining system (jobs/economy), and a distribution system (roads/transportation/internet). We will reach the milestone of universal unity depending on the distribution of wealth, the sustainability of the growth model (nutrition, healthcare, welfare schemes), and the impact on the environment (global green hydrogen economy, low-carbon resilient cities, high energy conversion efficiency).

Scientific cosmology is part of astronomy and physics that studies the nature of the universe to discover its secrets. The cosmological perturbation theory explains the evolution of structure in the big bang model.  All existing matter and space have been expanding since its creation in the “Big Bang”.  Multiverse composed of regions very similar to the observable universe. The physical world is complex, and thousands of exoplanets beyond the solar system have been discovered in the last two decades making the entire cosmos. Astronomers have discovered more than 3,200 other stars with planets orbiting them in our galaxy. The search for extra-terrestrial life (alien life) may yield results in the future that provide proof of life beyond earth. Scientific evidence for alien encounters with hybrid humans may throw more light on understanding the Omniverse, including space, time, planets, stars, quasars, galaxies, clusters, and all other forms of energy and matter in the physical world. Multidisciplinary research, trained astronomy specialists, complex machines with many advanced features, and top-class technology infrastructure help us understand the multiverse better. It is also essential to bring awareness to the public about the nature of the universe and multiverse with insightful perspectives on green growth and sustainable development. The effects of climate change such as rising temperatures/sea levels, unpredictable weather patterns, land degradation, increase in extreme weather events, and loss of wildlife and biodiversity lead to social impacts such as the increased risk of diseases, global food, and water shortages, loss of livelihood, displaced people, poverty/hunger/malnutrition have to be tackled before progressing to universal human welfare. To ensure a balance between environment and development it is necessary to adopt a sustainable lifestyle while protecting the soil and the environment for future generations. Many social reform movements are required in moving towards universal unity in diversity to live better. Rebuilding multilateral order and its instruments requires several crucial reforms to enhance transparency and accountability and deal with critical problems such as energy/food/economic crisis, climate change/environmental protection, and education/healthcare issues. Countries should continue to collaborate and pursue mutually beneficial relationships with other nations and contribute to the global growth story. We can positively touch a million lives through initiatives such as women’s empowerment, children’s education, infrastructure development, employment generation, sustainable practices, green hydrogen and biofuels, renewable/green/clean energy projects, digital solutions, and potable water. The idea of one earth, one family, and one future (vasudhaiva kutumbakam) has huge value when we establish a large enough global organizational base. It is remarkable to be living in a universe/multiverse that gives us a hopeful picture of equilibrium in the future!












About the Author:

B.H.S. Thimmappa is a writer from Udupi, India

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