The Dawn Has Come

Today I desire to tell all of you,
That I have lost her forever,
My love couldn’t keep her,
Everything was still and calm,
The graves are full of bones,
That do not make any sound,
And I lost my soul into oblivion.
My joy passed away to nothingness,
My heart drowned in dark darkness,
Only grieves all around in my saddled soul,
But a fresh lushy thought took birth,
To some a thought full of wisdom,
To some a thought that gives freedom,
But to others a thought purely hokum.
A life giving thought, that said:
Do not say in grief that she is dead now,
But be full of thanks that she was alive,
Death is not the extinction of light,
But the putting out of a brightened lamp
As the sun has arrived; the night has gone
The darkness has ended; the dawn has come.

  ~Jayant Jha

      New Delhi, India 

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