That Infectious Rendezvous….

Twas their smile
that crossed the tables
lighted up the soul.
Amidst the humdrum and hullabaloo of the hotel
Their laughter
 mellifluous and infectious.
In the shadows of despair, a glint of hope blossomed.
Four were they -a rendezvous
 The scent of ‘marikolindu’ rewinds the clock to the spring days.
Their innocent chit-chat and happy laughter
lightened the sobriety
Gladdened the gloom; cheered the room
Magical they were!
Merrily loud
Soaked in happiness the voices of the old women overheard were
warm and hearted,
recalled the springtime
~Beena. E. S,
Kanyakumari, India

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  1. De ja vu!!!