by Pratik Mitra

He had never been a passionate tea-drinker. One or two local people of his acquaintance just happened to drop by and he had to make himself available for a tea too since those two just drooled over a cup. He didn’t get the chance to come across them regularly and perhaps he won’t be meeting them again soon. So he tried to extend his conversation with them beyond pleasantries. It started with politics and ended in nostalgia via sports. He was amazed at the amount of fun he was having with them for mixing with people had never been his comfort zone. He wondered if the same sense of feel-good was received by the rest of the two. Until the popping-up of the aged cynical man, things were going from sweet to sweeter. He was such a garrulous person that he just invaded their carefree chat and bored them to death till he and his acquaintance decided to part. The aged man was still there sipping tea and adding commentary to anything and anyone who visited the tea-shop. The man was such a mood-killer that he forgot how tasty the tea was. Though he was never a passionate tea-drinker.

About the Author:

Pratik Mitra teaches English besides writing. He writes both in Bengali and in English. His works have been published in different magazines. He’s also fond of reading books and watching films. He resides in konnagar, West Bengal.

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