Sweet Home

Listen folks! I have stories to tell,From faraway land to my sweet homeland.The Sun is still the same but the warmth of the day is different,I can see and feel the same moon but the beauty of night has altered.                                              The air I breathe and the water I drink,It’s never the same although it serves the same purpose. What is so special about the air and water in my homeland?They are simply pure and homegrown.                                              The weather keeps changing every now and then,So does my mind and mood.In life, nothing comes in fixed packages;There is always limitation and concerns about delimitation.                                              It is in this faraway place, you’re surrounded by uncertainty and insecurity;You begin to look at everything with a suspicious mind.There isn’t peace of time in the crowds,As there is no assurance of what cruel thing might happen next.                                              My thoughts keep rising and falling,It creates its own waves in the ocean of mind.How dull and dumb it would appear,Without these waves that rise and fall, ocassionally.                                              It’s only in this faraway place I realized,The humans design themselves to be self-centred.I wonder if this is the will of the creator;I assure that it is definitely not His will.                                              Dark clouds frequently eclipse the golden Sun,And rob the beauty of daylight.Yet, the Sun remains same behind the clouds,Until it quickly finds its way back.                                              Listen folks! Don’t hear me wrong and misunderstand me;There are equally good tales to tell. It is all within myself,How I bring my sweet home to this farway land.                                                                 I doubt if this fast-moving winds can be the right messenger,To carry my stories to my homeland. It has to cross many mountains and oceans,Before it safely reaches its destination.
~Yeshi Nidup

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