Science – Approach in Swami Vivekananda Jnana Yoga

by Sai Prashanthi Neelda

Science is the study of our surroundings, especially matter around us with specialized equipment. We experiment and analyze the results and discover new things in nature. This is one part of science. There is another type of science in which the findings are discovered through intuition. Intuition is the capability to discover something through the mind, where inner consciousness works. Consciousness is the ability to have awareness of surroundings, including external as well as internal nature.
Swami Vivekananda, a great patriot monk who immensely worked for the enlightenment of India in pre-Independence times. He inspired many freedom fighters to fight for independence, especially youth. When he visited western countries, he gave lectures on spirituality. Jnana yoga is one of the important combinations of lectures that narrates various aspects of self, god, universe, nature, and so on.
Body and soul:
Body is made up of cells, cells are made up of atoms. Atoms are combined to form chemical compounds. The cells are grouped into tissues, they are joined together to form the body. But How?
Swamiji narrates in his lectures, that there is an energy that combines chemical compounds to make the body. Soul is one form of energy that is combined with the consciousness of our past lives. According to consciousness, the soul combines molecules. So a peculiar person will have a peculiar configuration and diseases. Our thoughts and deeds will arise from the soul. So that the thoughts make the body, not vice versa. If we are happy, happiness chemicals are released, so that we become healthy(dopamine, Endorphins). If we have negative thoughts, negative chemicals will come out, and we feel sick. So the famous saying is “many diseases are psychosomatic “.
Swamiji says in his talk ” every evolution presupposes an involution”
Evolution is a process in which living organisms originate from ancestors. When we see the patterns of evolution, we see simple forms are transformed into complex organisms. When we see a machine, we cannot obtain more energy than it has. So, how a simple organism will have energy to transform into a complex organism. There is an explanation for this, is involution. If a man is evolved from a unicellular organism, that unicellular organism will have the material to make man. Now we can see that mutations in the genetic material will lead to evolution. We cannot obtain anything from nothing. Involved characters are expressed when there is a possibility, this can be supported by switching on and switching off mechanisms of genes, if new genes are expressed, new characteristics developed. Accumulation of new characteristics will lead to evolution. Swamiji explains that the evolutionary theory explained by Darwin will now be applicable to humans, but the factors mentioned by him are applicable to animals. When an animal kills other animals, it is considered more powerful. When a man does so, It is a crime.
Origin of the universe: There is a famous theory that says the universe originated from the explosion of an atom, which is called singularity. It exploded and expanded, But what is there in the atom to make this universe? According to him, an atom is the finer form of the universe. When an atom explodes, the grosser form of the universe is formed. When it contracts, the universe will become an atom, which is its finer form such as the seed and plant. These are cycles according to our scriptures.
Swamiji was an intuitive scientist who narrated many scientific concepts. He said that when a seed is put into the soil, it will undergo many divisions to become a tree.
So the tiny seed is the fine form of that plant, after its division, it will become a plant. When it comes to humans, the finer form of humans is sperm. Sperm is a tiny cell that contains DNA. When it combines with the DNA of the mother,  the finer form will become a complete man. Thus the cycle continues.
Swamiji says that the father will give genes to the child but the children may not be totally similar to the father, because the impressions in the mind are received by the physical body, where he used the term bioplasmic cell. When parents watch, listen, and think of negative ideas and views, those impressions will remain in the mind as finer impressions, which are transferred to the children. Nowadays, this concept is termed as epigenetics, which means the interaction of genes with the environment.
Even though the body dies, it will remain in consciousness and be transferred to the next life. Impressions in the mind are the reason for another birth, so those impressions and thoughts are with the soul, so it finds the material which is suitable for these impressions, so scriptures always suggest that think of good, do good for others.
Swamiji says when it is applied to entire living beings, humans will have impressions of all lower organisms., which are hidden. Science also accepted that we have genes of many of our ancestor species.
These are some concepts taken from swami Vivekananda jnana yoga lectures where he explained some ideas about evolution and others. Swamiji always wanted to combine science and spirituality for the welfare of society.

About the Author:

Sai Prashanthi Neelda is a student of microbiology from Osmania university. Hyderabad. He writes articles and stories on education and science and has experience of working as a moral science teacher. 

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