Month: March 2023



In the days of the reckoned ways, and when the clouds were just too mute. The happiness was too loud, yes, it was loud. All the forthcoming cries become acute. The peace, the pain, the dusty screams, all mixed up, dropping each to just each. To all the corners, red veins […]



by Pratik Mitra He had never been a passionate tea-drinker. One or two local people of his acquaintance just happened to drop by and he had to make himself available for a tea too since those two just drooled over a cup. He didn’t get the chance to come across […]



They are in love, the yellow sunset, the gentle breeze, intimacy, lips are in close, touch in tender lust – lock eventually!                                                Embrace, the lap tale woven […]


Echo of Ego

Self-esteem is to be noted as someone’s ego. But always someone’s thought process gets hampered with its echo. In this world everyone should have self-respect. Also, each of us should acknowledge others’ aspects. But everywhere practically exist the echo of egomania, which is the root cause of anger and conflicts […]


A Dream of Scars

Searching for you in my oblivion dream,For you can’t be found in actuality.Wake me up when you find a raiment to cover up my wounded soul.And you know how else do we search for one’s escape from reality?Heard a Nightingale humming in it’s dulcet voice, Or was it just you calling […]


Circles of Grief

Every time it gets harder Seeing the son of my mother And her daughter, and My motionless father On the shoulders Of my brother                                                     […]


बाकी के दिन

पता ही नहीं चला अंतिम पड़ाव पर कब आ गए दिन, महीने, वर्ष ऐसे ही गुजर जाते हैं मानव जीवन के मध्यम पड़ाव तक यौवन ऊर्जा से लबालब धनार्जन में अस्त व्यस्त भौतिकता की दौड़ के नशे में चूर जैसे हमसे ही दुनियां चलती है “मैंने ये किया, वो किया” […]



खाने के  दाने लिए, हाथ में टुकड़े आनेएक आने में   सौदा कर ,यह जो  बेचता है उन मासूम नन्हे तारों के  जगमग ख़्वाबों    कोकर  इंकार , जो नादान -ना सयाने इस दुनिया की मिथ्या रिवायत पर निसार के आधार अनुसार  ,उस असुर को कर निराधार,यह मौसम लेकर उम्मीद […]


A Great Salvation

Soul! Don’t worry. One day you will be free. This rigid cage Could never prison you. My dear soul! Tolerate for a while. It may be for a long while. But, In this misery, You will struggle. And you will see, After deep pain You would get great salvation.   […]