Month: March 2023


Golden Silence

Silence can be golden, they say,A peaceful respite from the fray,A moment to reflect and pray,A stillness that can lead the way.                                                         […]



I have been travelling Travelling throughout the universe Unknowingly in search of peace Wandering here and there Travelled the past, Discovered the present Aspired for the future. And found nowhere. But O’dear, it’s within you. Just surrender yourself. To ‘Almighty’s’ will. Just once rise and gear up again Peace will […]


Rediscovering the Colours

Colours – red, green, yellow purify the soul, keep the profanity at bay!                                         The full moon clings to the sky, makes us dreamy, unlock the floodgates of fancy! And we […]


The Hurt

So many stars above Showered me with love But it was the moon that Made me heady and light With its soft  And cool rays bright Making me something special Took me to Unprecedented   height, An ecstatic delight Then it went Into a shroud Hiding in the Gauze of cloud, Leaving […]


The Dangers of Online Transaction in South Asia

by Pratik Mainali Technology’s development has altered how people live and conduct business. South Asia has seen a rise in the popularity of online transactions due to their convenience. But, as the number of online transactions has grown, so too has cybercrime, posing severe risks to user security and safety. […]


I and My Mind

Through a clatter of leaves, My silence is broken, I sit up and notice the weather, it’s sunny outside. The melancholy that sits inside my brain Does not get out. All I think about is a way to vent the toxicity out.                 […]


Women’s Day Poetry…….

If you’re tired of walking for everyone…. Take a stride for yourself once……. For if you keep your foot down… Nobody can meddle with your existence…. Make sure your heart is full before you pour out love for everyone….. Don’t take what they say as it is easier said than […]


The Song of Love

With my cherry wet lips I desire to press her rosy lips, My darling’s beauty is a warm bright winter’s noon, Taste of my love is a sweet cherry, a lemon mix, How shall I love her, ideas do flutter in my poor soul’s room.           […]


A Thirsty Crow

Once there was a Crow, Full of Love from Head to Toe, Since the  the Kick-off, Has been making meals for the family with Clove and Dough, But, like rest of the “Men” of this world “Glow”, she was also treated as a ‘Use and Throw’,  still she was Uplifting […]