Month: March 2023


हम भारतवर्ष की संतान हैं…

बड़े गर्व की बात है, कि हम भारत वर्ष की संतान हैं, नमन ऐ मातृभूमि तुझे, तुझ से ही मेरी शान है… तेरी अद्भुत छवि का कहां तक बखान करूं, तेरे माथे मुकुट हिमालय देख देख अभिमान करूं, गंगा जमुना सी पावन नदियां मन प्रफुल्लित हो, बन जाता  खुद ही […]


A Woman or a Superwoman

A Woman or A SuperWoman She manages all with an aplomb So that nothing goes wrong. She is the last to wrap up And the first to get up, How to manage, kids, family, office colleagues, and the rest She knows the best. Research says women are great at multitasking […]


An Uneasy Earth

No peace in this world, All over glitches and miseries. Blow hot and cold, Evermore injuries.     Conflicts improve as     tradition.     Blood shed is stable.     Fraternity today a     fiction.     Empty country of     humble. Disasters abreast defy. Diseases […]


Fertile Lands

These weary bodies and soulsDiscover the lonely worldWhere the yellow dwarf star drops downwhen the blue blanket turns darkAnd the bright stars twinkle here and there!                                        Collecting the reaped paddy throughout,The peasants […]


Women’s Day

Haha!  It’s still a man’s world Where shots are called by men Directly, indirectly, or through subtle insinuations What a big farce to commemorate this day purportedly declaring equality between men and women Ask yourself… Why a woman’s voice is stilled If she so much as raises a complaint Against […]


Naysayers At The Door

Naysayers at the door, Banging to grasp at what is false. Naysayers at the door, Let them in falsity find recourse.                                                            […]


Banks in a Changing World

by B.H.S. Thimmappa A well-functioning banking system is fundamental to modern society and knowledge of different types of banks is important for banking and competitive examinations. The various types of banks based on their functions include academic credit banks, blood banks, book banks, crockery banks, eye banks, human milk banks, […]


Life Basics

Acceptance, Joy, Generosity, submission And contentment are The basics of human life Be positive, be cheerful With feelings of gratefulness Shukrana to the Creator All these together Make this life worthwhile                                       […]


Dim, Dark, and Dense

Dim, Dark, and Dense Night – It’s cold winter’s night. I was trembling. My lips were shivering. Leaves were shaking Of trees that stood along the road. Then, I heard – The hoofs of horses. And for a little while, I saw a chariot coming towards me. And stopped – […]