Month: March 2023


Magnified Benevolence!

I was not a poetess But your virtues made me one. I don’t believe You could be a human But could be a God. Your medical service produces humane doctors. Yet the doctors are not equal to you and your glorious service. Your service nullified the meanings Of words: Pessimism, […]


Why You Left Me

You left me for no reason. Spoiled my plans for all seasons. Day and night I miss you, Hoping you miss me for any reason.                                  When you’re with me, My life is complete. I’m […]



Freedom, I say freedom. From all the things, that I abide by. Those that call itself, the Rules of civilization.                           The rules which say; lie looking in the eye of a friend. and states a true friend […]



Sunil frankly used to quirk to friends Though he was not a  matured student His habit to criticise in conversation I used to say ‘What is wrong with you He was looking shock  when I was annoyed and said ‘Sorry I will not quirk any more’ I hope you have […]


एकांत और अकेलापन

जीवन को श्रंखला को जीने, समझने उसके हर पहलू भर अंदर आत्मविश्वास और मेहनत का हल कांधो पर रख, बना वह बैल  कोल्हू, परिश्रम और प्रयास का बन श्रद्धालु , उठा गिरा, सह कर फिर हुआ खड़ा  वो भोलेनाथ का भोलू स्तुति- सच ,कर्म- श्रम की धार तेज जैसे चाक़ू, […]


This is Life

My darling friend This is life Things will happen To teach you a worthy lesson. Never thought it as curse, Yes sometimes it answers In sorrow, full of terse And tense. But sometimes it gives you Happiness and a peaceful trance. Indeed it is easy to die But more terrible […]


When Hope Dies

When I saw a butterfly,I saw my desires hop into those colorful palettes,and fly high above the clouds,Touching heaven,and getting rid of the agony all at once.But, when I open my eyes,As reality sets in,The darkness from the corner of that room prevails over me,and telling me to get out […]


A Sight

by Pratik Mitra People started to gather. It was a sight indeed. Two women were pulling each other’s hair. They were mother and daughter. Their clothes were torn, their voice howling and cursing. They were fighting over a crushed plastic bottle. The first to return it to the man whom […]


On the Realm of Fallacies

On the cliff, I stand stiff, The lofty clouds of reminiscence; Accumulated over an inner effluence, Could it be guilt to repent? Or will to redeem on fence? Be it, so be it, impeded orbit, I am now aware of the beware!                 […]


To Love in Silence

May be I have a lot to tell you… But my words are trapped by the web of life. I think in solitude, When you are away, asleep Perhaps lost in my thoughts… me too! How do I say what life doesn’t allow me to. Somewhere, someone, deep within answers. […]