On the Realm of Fallacies

On the cliff,
I stand stiff,
The lofty clouds of reminiscence;
Accumulated over an inner effluence,
Could it be guilt to repent?
Or will to redeem on fence?
Be it, so be it, impeded orbit,
I am now aware of the beware!
Those devious charms,
Rose pretty massacre,
Shows liberty in limits;
Void of carnival, devoid of coalescence,
What could envy the envious?
When to defy the defiant?
Friend became foes, foes became fiend,
Fiend became the fallacy,
fallacy became friend again,
This cycle is the disciple!
Can you see the luminous allure?
Warned the finest minds!
Shankhya, Buddha, Aristotle, Kant!
Now on books, no one to look,
Who would value those effulgent blue!
~Siddhartha Basu
Kolkata, India

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