Mahajan and His Deer

by Sidharth Mishra

Once upon a time, in a far-off village, there lived a young boy named Mahajan. He was kind, humble, and always eager to help others. Mahajan lived with his parents, who were farmers and worked hard to make ends meet.
One day, while Mahajan was walking through the forest, he heard a loud noise. Curious, he followed the sound and found a wounded animal lying on the ground. It was a young deer that had been attacked by a pack of wolves.
Mahajan felt sorry for the poor animal and decided to take care of it. He used his knowledge of herbs and medicine to nurse the deer back to health. He fed it and took care of it until it was strong enough to stand on its feet.
As days passed, the deer grew fond of Mahajan and would often follow him around. The two became inseparable, and soon, the entire village knew about Mahajan’s compassion and kindness.
One day, a group of hunters came to the village. They were looking for the finest deer in the forest to present to the king. Mahajan knew that his beloved deer would be in danger, and he decided to hide it in his house.
However, the hunters soon found out about Mahajan’s deer and threatened to harm him and his family if he did not give them the animal. Mahajan refused to give in to their demands and bravely stood up to them.
The hunters, angered by Mahajan’s defiance, set fire to his house. Mahajan and his family barely managed to escape and were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.
The village was outraged by the hunters’ behavior, and the news soon reached the king’s ears. The king was furious and ordered the hunters to be punished severely. He also offered Mahajan a job in the palace as a reward for his bravery.
Mahajan declined the king’s offer and instead asked for something else. He requested the king to provide him with a plot of land where he could start a farm and live with his family. The king was impressed by Mahajan’s humility and agreed to his request.
Mahajan worked hard on his farm and soon became a prosperous farmer. He continued to live a simple life, helping others in need, and spreading love and compassion wherever he went.
The story of Mahajan and his deer became famous throughout the land as an example of how compassion and kindness can triumph over cruelty and greed. And so, the legend of Mahajan lived on, inspiring people to live a life of compassion and kindness.

About the Author:

Sidhartha Mishra is a resident of Sambalpur town in Odisha. He loves to write stories and poems. Many of his works are published in online platforms like the Indian Periodical, StorryMirror, Pratilipi, Reedsy etc.

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