Magnified Benevolence!

I was not a poetess
But your virtues made me one.
I don’t believe
You could be a human
But could be a God.
Your medical service produces humane doctors.
Yet the doctors are not equal to you and your glorious service.
Your service nullified the meanings
Of words: Pessimism, orphans and destitute.
Your optimism obliterated pessimists’ pessimism.
Your iron-will strengthened your simple service
Your magnanimity magnified your mettle and manners.
We can’t bid adieu
You always dwell in us.
We know, to serve the inhabitants of Heaven
You had a mission with a vision to visit Heaven
Your love towards every creature
Surprises and surrenders us at Your feet.
You had been our visible Almighty
Your innings as a humanitarian
Might have envied even other Gods.
Being rich by birth is great
But becoming rich by hard work is greater.
You become our God, not by legacy
But by your impeccable service and umpteen virtues.
Ever your journey to Heaven
Purified our thoughts and deeds
To get Your glimpse in Heaven
You were precious to your beneficiaries during your golden period,
You are a sine qua non even during your post-golden period.
Achievers find a place in history by their incredible feat.
But You are a creator of History.
By your sacred service and bounteous benevolence.
~Monalisa Parida

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