They are in love,

the yellow sunset,

the gentle breeze,


lips are in close,

touch in tender lust –

lock eventually!



the lap tale woven

on bed

with pillows

on either side!

Nudity is an art,

they prove anew.

The chubby breast

soaks the drops of rain,

stirs the somnolent veins

of the orgasm

gorges in blood!


The wet lips bite,

the voice chokes,

unrest –

the soothing sensation,

seductive and sensuous!

LUST gratifies,

delight on the countenance,

the kisses unabated,

slumber touches the eyelids,

sleep in each other arm!

Love redefines,

love blooms,

love melts –

a Heavenly Bliss!!

~Kunal Roy

Kolkata, India

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