Lines Toward Kan Chonjonggha

The road runs zig zag

like a serpent through

the abysmal depths

of African Jungle!

The trees have grown

draped with the thick swathes

of snow!

The frozen lake,

the mountain men,

the mountain goats!


The array glistens,

the sun touches the top

turns into molten golden!

An enigma created!

The clouds float,

rains shower,

blur the vision,

diminish the elegance!


An illusion,

a jeep runs up,

an uphill journey

amid rocks and thorns!

Souls trek,

ignoring the icy,

perfidious floor!

The mission unsure,

the vision beyond the lines of heaven!

The rains disappear,

The dismal weather is no more,

The wind settles among the boughs!

Yet the frost-bitten fingers,

the gnarled skin,

the trembling limbs

know not the taste of defeat,

the undulating plains still summon

to emerge victorious,

the demigod or superhuman!

Confession –

Not an easy affair,

not an easy goal,

not an easy step!!


~Kunal Roy

Kolkata, India

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