Life Is a Privilege

I am happy to watch the natural scenery

I always remain in touch with what is real

I love the refinement rather than fashion

I think quietly, talk gently and act frankly

I listen to babes, sages with my open heart

When I get honest I feel an amazing thing

I start doing what make me always happy

With feeling of joy I try to move steadily

I am happy with what I have been given

I try to bring strength but I am not perfect

I am  passionate but I hunger for love

I am sick of memory as it  is nothing new

I fill up moments with all that I have got

To change my life’s path it may take time

I live for today because I forget my past

Life is just a moment’s thought precious

In the youthful days, my life was shining

Life is a privilege it is like some rare rose.


~Bhupesh Karmakar

New Delhi, India

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