La Belle Femme

She was a woman par excellence,

Exceptionally charming to see,

Well-versed in exotic dances,

She was proficiency’s epitome.


She kept the world obsessed with her

For more than hundred years till now

Her saga holds people transfixed,

Her beauty captivates them and how.


She was multi-talented and had

Sensational life plus opulence,

Unfortunately her circumstances

Didn’t validate her true essence.


She donned multiple hats to live,

In all roles infused magic,

Love and pleasure proved ephemeral,

The end result was so tragic.


Jules Kish Kmetzko had portrayed

His protagonist Margaretha Zelle,

‘Matahari’, famous femme fatale

As most loving, bewitching female.


~Sudha Dixit

Bangalore, India

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