Haunted Life

Time Flees
Ne’er the scorched scars of torment
Gushing from the stream of consciousness
Splashes over the face
Babbling and Burbling
Slithering like an inchworm riddled with ifs and nots
Stumbling on the jagged thorns of love
Searching the bygone childhood in the flooding memories of the past
Oh! Beautiful days;
Magical stories of daylight
Silent serene hours of night; fairy dreams; cosy sleep
Oh! If time had ceased there….
Imprinting cherished memories
Seasons changed; waking with frightening times
Withering Mirths of hope
 Wearied of worrying
Frozen tears blind the unblinking eyes
Hoping to bypass the darkest sorrows
The Terrifying, raging rancid words
echoing in the damned ears
Rancor mellowed by age; in solitude; gulping down an ocean of memories.
~Beena. E. S
Kanyakumari, India


  1. Awesome and great going akka

  2. Fortitude tales!! Nicely conveyed

    • Your poem beautifully captures the fleeting nature of time and the memories that we hold onto throughout our lives. The imagery and emotions you convey are powerful, and your use of language is both poetic and poignant. Please keep writing and sharing your voice with the world!

    • Thank you