Fertile Lands

These weary bodies and soulsDiscover the lonely worldWhere the yellow dwarf star drops downwhen the blue blanket turns darkAnd the bright stars twinkle here and there!                                        Collecting the reaped paddy throughout,The peasants dance in the muddy fieldThe tidal music from the brooksoothes the minds that long for peace,And brings solace to the gentle hearts!                                        The palms all around the fertile landsSwing their heads and spread an auraThe gentle breeze kisses the flowery pathWhere petals welcome and pollens scent,And the vast ground designed with roses!                                        The painted sky splashes the coloursThe brownish land celebrates the feastHarvested crop fillled the containersHouses are adorned with greenerySuccess lies in the smiles of folks!


~Setaluri Padmavathi 

Hyderabad, India 

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