Failure Brings Success

Muddling and rugged pathuntraveled and challenging roadDestination is far awayI feel thorns, pebbles, and harsh ways‘Never give up.! Inspired, he.’I fumbled, fell, and failed multiple timesYes, I was a failure!                                                       They questioned, complained, and quotedNumber of titles spontaneously received I,Too many responsibilitiesToiling day and nightAims were so high,tasks unsuccessfulDestination is far awayYes, I was a failure!                                  Failure! It inspired me,Rising my high spiritsThought-provoking wordsMotivational talksEncouraging folksFailed deeds that I didAll enthralled me!                                  I didn’t give up even a single timeIf I didn’t fail, I wouldn’t work hardI wouldn’t succeed, if I didn’t loseOne day, I failed failureI became the winnerYes, had I not failed then,I wouldn’t have been victoriousO dear, failure is temporaryTriumph becomes a memory!


~Setaluri Padmavathi 

Hyderabad, India 


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