Dreadly Living

Conjurer of emotions,
A beast of varied origins
Cuts through the tanned thin skin
crawls beneath it.
Coils as Umbilical
creating tumulting flutters.
Courses through the blood to boil it and ruin the day
 rampantly flaring the cells.
Hobbling through the canthus, pricking the eyes;
digs a deep pit in the palpitating heorte.
 Plods over and smothers sleep.
 slices through the bone to freeze
 Suffocates the breath
freezing movements,
Rip ribs apart and send chills down the spine.
Doesn’t wane with the passing days
Doesn’t crumble like a deck of cards
The scars heal but not the words that float
strikes over and over like hammers hitting a nail and ruckus the psyche
Envenomed letters of diverse alphabets flung blooms of gloom.
 Panicked tears roll down the cheek, blur the vision and choke the retort.
The throbbing pain of wounds salted
drags to a mysterious realm.
Slouching toward a strange world
With Withering dreams,
Mangled thoughts and demoted spirits questioning existence.
~Beena. E. S
Kanyakumari, India


  1. Extraordinary and time to embrace the equity 💖💓

  2. Excellent writing. Huge admiration

  3. Dreadful indeed!!

  4. This poem is a powerful and vivid depiction of emotional turmoil. The use of striking imagery and evocative language creates a haunting picture of pain and discomfort. Despite the intensity of the emotions described, the poem remains strong and memorable. It challenges the reader to confront their own dark thoughts and feelings. Overall, it is a poignant and thought-provoking piece of writing.

  5. This poem is a powerful and visceral depiction of the emotional turmoil that can be caused by the wounds of life. The imagery of the beast beneath the skin and the physical manifestations of pain and discomfort serve to convey the overwhelming and suffocating nature of these emotions. The use of language is poetic and provoking, with the envenomed letters and blooms of gloom creating a haunting and unforgettable picture of the experience. Despite the intensity of the emotions described, the poem doesn’t crumble under its own weight… Great attempt.