And This Was an Another Story of That Girl

And this was an another story of that girl,
That Girl,
That Girl who the world doesn’t Know,
That Fire which the wind can’t Blow,
That Star in the sky which always Glows,
She is that girl who the world doesn’t know,
Sedulous every second she is,
Cognizing nothing in the end her own would gain,
Nevertheless she persists till the end of the tunnel,
She doesn’t find the light outside
But a brightest light her inside,
With the passage of time
That girl became
That Women, who the world doesn’t know,
Remains that a mystery my friend,
How that girl became that women,
And the world still doesn’t know!
~Disha Hrudaynath Borkar
Nagpur, India


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  2. Simply Great Composition…Best Wishes for new compositions

  3. Excellent poem