Alien…. My Love

Aliens are not jests and they live in space.

Once they had come and took me hostage

to their planet for a test of my intellect.

One among them, a beautiful lady,

was robbed in shining Palladium white;

her pearly white complexion contrasted with her

atrous hair, with loose locks draping her shoulder.

Her whitest surcoat was bedecked with choicest diamonds

and the kirtle made of radiant gold made her bold.

Her wrist, her throat and her hem were adorned

with Platinum jewelries. On her breast shone

a spotless Rhodium. I lost all my senses

as the fleur-de-lys had cast her ivory looks.


 With her musical voice, she had taught how peace

would prevail at last and fear would recede past,

clearing garbage & cobweb, eradicating poverty

and cleansing the mind with golden thoughts,

to greet a “brave new world” with an easy life.

Thought I, “should we invite the aliens on earth?”

Her code of love I could decipher and craved a peck

from her, seeing the kissing stars near us.

But I felt the preparations of the armies

on earth to take me back. My love for her

begged a truce between the aliens and men.

But all on a sudden I had got a jerk from the clock

and felt the force of the movie on mind,

Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”1 

1.  “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, one of the renowned Science Fiction movies, was made by Steven Spielberg on UFO, where “third Kind” denoted “animate beings”.

~Shakti Pada Mukhopadhyay

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