A Woman or a Superwoman

A Woman or A SuperWoman
She manages all with an aplomb
So that nothing goes wrong.
She is the last to wrap up
And the first to get up,
How to manage, kids, family, office colleagues, and the rest
She knows the best.
Research says women are great at multitasking
But I wonder does she get time for basking!!
One person, multiple roles
In each, she puts her heart and soul.
I’m stuck in a conundrum,
Is she a woman or a superwoman?
Oh!! Was that an exaggeration,
Minimization or the real indication?
That’s up to your interpretation
Which might not correlate with truth representation!
What are her expectation?
Not much, just a bit consideration,
That she is just like you
No, she is not among the Avengers’ crew.
She too needs to chill,
Without any conscious guilt.
So, limit your expectations
Managing home, family is not only her obligation
I’m stuck in a conundrum
Is she a woman or a superwoman?
~Shilpa Raut
Gurgaon, India

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