A Sight

by Pratik Mitra

People started to gather. It was a sight indeed. Two women were pulling each other’s hair. They were mother and daughter. Their clothes were torn, their voice howling and cursing. They were fighting over a crushed plastic bottle. The first to return it to the man whom both had loved would prove their worth over the other. The man dying to evade both had devised the trick. He knew both would compete fiercely. He would slip out of their reach meanwhile. He sipped water from that bottle and made love to both women. He used to live with them during his dementia. Now he’s been cured and remembers what a rich family he belongs to…both women feel dizzy and tend to throw up. But even if somebody or both would turn out to be pregnant will the guy remember them? His tryst with them happened in a phase lost in oblivion. But the women keep fighting. Both want a better future for their probable kids instead of slums. People are having fun. They tend to encourage them…it was a sight indeed.

About the Author:

Pratik Mitra teaches English besides writing. He writes both in Bengali and in English. His works have been published in different magazines. He’s also fond of reading books and watching films. He resides in konnagar, West Bengal.

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